Thursday, April 8, 2010

End of the World is Coming! Why bother waiting for 2012?

Do you guys know that the Internet is a really really great place? For few simple reasons, Internet can be consider the greatest human invention ever:

-It contains endless stream of information and what-not for FREE but never EVER in a million years contain the critical thing you need when you need them UNLESS you PAY!
-It has enough gibberish sites (this blog is a really GREAT example) to constantly remind you that this world is made up of crazy people
-It is made possible by having internet connection which is always slowwwwww(if you are staying in Malaysia) to the extent you feel like hanging yourself to death while waiting forever for the site to load [not necessary during your lifetime]

Why do i make this post? Well, its 2am in the morning and yet, im spending many happy hour cursing at my streamyx for being the pathetic connection it is so i feel really really passionate bout blogging this shits to the world!

Now, since im here, the news the other days really made me mad! "Robber shot injured accomplice before fleeing scene of crime" I was like WTF!!!! What is wrong with this world!? If you so EFFING don't trust that guy, why bother going into a robbery with him!? Its is like you cant even trust your best/only friend....

But enough of my "passionate" rambling... Urghh...i think my lack of sleeps since college start is beginning to make me sound like a middle aged uncle and have certainly make me grumpier than usual

Yes! Before i forget, someone ask me exactly who my wife are (which just show this person isn't all that close to me because my close friends would have known better) For the better knowledge of you people who doesnt understand that question, go backtrack my post. In order to make my answer as humanly as possible without making me look like a total loser, i must first clarify that no matter what impression i give to people, im a total otaku/geek! I fall in love with 2D gals all the time. I find pictures of the latest computer/laptop/handphone to be arousing. I watch anime instead of TV drama. I spend more time on my computer than i do on sleeping. Not to say im not interested in reality, just that my life is too much of a drama for me to appreciate the concept of realness, so i find the otaku realm more..."promising". Now that you guys have a good understanding of me, let me reveal my wife.....which just so happen to laptop!! Haha!

I think i have spend enough of my precious youth cursing streamo (streamyx + emo) so im gonna stop here. Well, actually, a friend of mine told me my blog needs more color.... i've been faithfully keeping it black cause someone told me the black backdrop with white font make it easier on the eyes when reading my dull blog... If i ever feel like it, i might try to make it more....colorful =)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sumimasen! Sumimasen!

How many of you though i have forgotten bout this blog?? If you are one of them, you may well be correct! For 1 thing, with all things happening around, dis blog was definitely at the very back of my head, but then again, i am being reminded every week via my headcount script in this blog that there are still beings (human or not is not really the question now, is it? ><) that check out my blog despite i havent been very faithful to it, especially my wordpress which i havent even log into for a while now. As nice as it may be, i still fill obligated to my blogspot blog since it has been with me much much long through all thick and thin. So, if you have any issues with my blog, do look for those "beings" and not me in your quest of vengeance =)

With the issues of responsibility taken care of, lets move right into business...Ok, by all rights this should be an incredibly long post with really lots of interesting and maddening events to blog about...IF i ever remember any of them but you fellow reader should know better the kind of memory i have. I have a guy memory which means i can never remember important detail such as who i went out with the day before but i can remember with precise detail which anime said "Sieg Zeon" (answer: Gundam) or which anime has a pink haired songstress with a pink talking ball (answer: Gundam) or which anime has a winged robot that kick ass (answer: Gundam). So there you have it. But i wont be so irresponsible as to leave my blog without recalling at least a little something to share with you guys. But before we begin, i do like to say that all this recollection is from my perspective with is tend to be filled with sarcasm and metaphor, so things may not look like what it may be.

You have been warned....

Ok, letz go with the most recent issues. College has started and so far so good with the lessons. But the timetable...urgh... Dont get me started on the timetable. Some days, its so carefree. Some days its so jam packed to the extent of crazy. 9am to 8pm class on Friday then 9am to 4pm class on Saturday! On a Saturday!! FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! Not that it affect much but then again, whenever after finishing class, it never feel like a Saturday all because i just spent an entire precious morning n most of the afternoon being trapped in a class on an uncomfortable chair with a small table looking and listening to a middle aged uncle ranting on and on about stuff like perspective, functionalism, brain, mind, blah blah blah. Its sociology of organization subject which doesnt even have exam...urgh....Enough of the depressing stuff. My coursemate this time around is a really rowdy bunch. Not that i have anything against it. Itz really nice, IF the lecturer were the sporting type which unfortunately, 1 of them isnt...Being the complete opposite, a super strict old fashioned lecturer and the situation in class can get pretty tense sometimes.

Hmm, beside that, i dont really know what else to add since all that is in my mind now are epic and awesome soundtrack from Gundam that i have been playing nonstop since weeks ago.... Weather in Penang has been totally crazy these last few days... Scorching and sizzling hot afternoon and heavy downpour in the evening =.="

There should be a lot more interesting thing that has happened since my last post.... but for whatever reason, i have forgotten all of it =P
Since i cant seem to recall anything anyway, i ll just end this post here and get back on my assignment...
Ja neh ^^

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 2010~~!!!!

A bit too late for that title =( but oh well, better late than nvr! ^_^  (ughh, such an irresponsible crap..but i get that a lot so im already immune to it! ><) So, b4 i forget, happy CNY as well!! Haha! Anyway, i just got sum site report regarding my blog n apparently i have had more than 40 visits since 1st January 2010 (n that was last week! [im so darn touched by whoever you people are that has stay by dis poor little blog even though the master is really such an irresponsible jerk!]) even though i havent posted anything so im really sorry. I feel very bad, honestly, i am T.T  Well, i dont really recall that many ppl knowing that i blog =.=" but oh well, probably sum1 lost on the superhighway of internet anyway...

So, what kept me from blogging?? Well, some of you might already knoe that i got a new wife! (YATTA!!) ^.^ And so im really spending everyday in eternal bliss wif her! (Wheee!) FYI, we have even spend a few romantic night 2gether! (KYAAA!!) <<= Ok, forget bout that scream... I ll post sum picture of her when i finally find the time. Oh, since it is, i might as well recap what i did over the last few weeks beside that...hmm... wif all honesty, there was nothing much interesting...i got a new watch back in Xmas. It was really nice so i ll post picture of it after im bored down to my wit to be pathethic enough to take picture of it (hehe). Well, overall i did many stuff (mostly crazy but really pointless) and did something which i have thought to have been exclusively girl's such as :

- eating ice-cream straight out of the tub (yeah, i knoe its really normal even for guys but i have nvr been too fond of sweet things)
- buying on impulse (i have always been a very rational shopper but the long holidays has really throw me off my usual rhythm)
-indulging in romance stories (sum was really really realllllllllllly touching!)
- went shopping even when there was nothing i need (wad more can i say???)
- gossiping (i was nvr interested at such stuff....but wad gives =.=)
- checking out hot and handsome korean/japanese singers (WAIT!! before your thought stray to the wrong direction, let me clarify that im NOT a GAY!!! SO NOT A GAY!!!)

Lately, im really hooked up on romance manga and novels!! ^.^ V [victory smile =)] But not those mushy, conceited, melancholy and dramatic crap came up by guys who think they know about girl so darn well!! How could those shits even passed as romantic stuff with all the unnecessary drama that is so way over the hill!!! GRRRR. Really piss me off even without reading it. Nope, not for me. The one im hooked up at are those written by female writers. Most of them, if not all of them, are just soooo soooooo nice! There was even one about a girl that had a stillbirth. The story was so touching i cried a bunch myself because the story and setting and drama and everything is just so real and convincing! Until later i found out that the writer had experienced stillbirth herself! So darn touching!

Besides, i am really into those dance mv by korean and japanese bishounen (pretty boys)! Rather than being think of as gay, let me just say im the type to appreciate and attracted by pretty and beautiful stuff. Of coz, pretty and beautiful isnt just limited to guys... gals as well... cloth.... stuff... animals (like kitten!!!) etc etc.

Hmmm... well, i guess that is all for now...anyway, im really happy and thank you to all those people who stood by my blog despite the fact of its pretty much dilapidated state! I ll try to work harder in the future!! Thats all! Tata ^^

Sunday, December 20, 2009

K = Just because i never started my title with this alphabet before xD

Today was yet another "productive" day of my holiday. Well, didnt really do much so i wouldnt want to bother whoever might be reading this with my nonsensical boring stuff. But anyway, in the afternoon, i did cook something and although it was purely experimental, i must say it turn out real well ^^ So im gonna call it carbonara chicken! Wheeeee

Well, it really just a deep fried chicken drumstick coated with cheese and carbonara gravy but it was really turn out well...which was a gud news since i only cooked it with leftovers. But since it was quite a success, im gonna be trying to improve it soon. Wakakakaka. After all im pretty darn free rite now.
Hmm...datz all for now i think...although im pretty sure there was sumthing else i wanted to share..................................=.="

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Big Big Screen to Watch my Anime ^^

Just recently, i brought a laptop back in the pc fair n it was HDMI ready. At the same time, i happen to hv a spare HDMI cable and i try hooking the laptop to my tv n i was like whoa! My 42" tv jut bcome my new monitor! xD

So i instantly watch my HD version of Gundam 00 on it n i hv to say, it was uber satisfying! Now im on a downloading spree, putting my hand on every gud anime there is out there waiting to be awe in front of my TV. Wakakakaka.

On another note, one of my fren asked me if im hooked up to posting picture in my blog coz yesterday post doesnt really require any picture but still, i did. The answer is, YES!!! Im pretty addicted to posting picture in my blog coz it really make my otherwise dull blog look my lively-ish. So, yea, 2day post will feature picture as well.

So, on Thursday, i went to BJ court to do some gadgets shopping. Yes, gadgets...i am a geek...dun expect to c me shopping for cloth... The last time i shop for cloth, it took me only about 5 minutes and rm60 to buy 3 t-shirts. So you can see im not one to waste my time shopping for cloth. If i spend more than 15 minutes shopping for cloth, i ll deem myself to be not in the mood and stop wasting anymore time shopping n instead go back home to my glue myself in front of the computer. Anyway, back to the BJ i happen to walk past this lego exhibition and boy, does it bring back some good-ol memories of my childhood playing with lego....

Cool eh?? Of coz, lego back in those day arent so sophisticated yet and the level of detail is far from what is possible today....Kinda make me wanna go get myself a jumbo set of lego now =)

Well, anyway, that's all for today.... Till next time^^

Friday, December 18, 2009

What a slow storm... =.="

Many guys find yesterday picture to be a real nightmare. HAHAHAHA. Now they will be experiencing goosebumps everytime they take a pee! Wakakakaka.
On another note, yesterday i planned for a great nite of movie wif sum frens but guess wad happen, the tickets for 7pm onwards Storm Warrior II shows was completely sold out!!! I was like "WTH!!??". The plan had to be canceled and i thought it was really such a waste since me and another 2 fren was already there. So instead of wasting the rm1 parking, i decided to try my luck on the 5.15 show instead and i was like "WTH!!!???" [AGAIN!!] when i found out the cinema was practically empty...

Ok, b4 i watched the movie, i went through sum rating and reviews through the net and also through word of mouths from my fren. The comments i heard was really very contradicting as it went from "superbly marvelous" to "insanely stupid". Nevertheless, i decided to take a stab at it and this is my own personal view of the movie.

4/5 - Storyline
I think the script writer and the director did a really gud job trying to make an otherwise what should have been a really really long story into a 2 hour movie without missing out too much important details. I followed the comics and although there were quite a lot of deviation and alteration from the original storyline, but it was still a great piece of work if you ask me since the original Fung Wan storyline is very dark and a lot of gud ppl turn bad and a lot of gud character die which wouldnt really do well if adapted into movie. At the very least, the beginning and the end remain more or less similar and the altered storyline gave quite a fresh perspective on the whole story. It was also much better than other adaption i know which practically miss out all the important detail and rich content of its original masterpiece. Im not one to naming names but Harry Potter is one such example that did a poor movie adaption. Tsk Tsk.

4/5 - Special Effects
The movie used really a lot of special effects. Too much actually, that it really kills most of the fighting scene although it does make the movie very flashy and entertaining at certain time.

2/5 - Fight Scene
Like i said earlier, too much special effects. Who the hell would want to watch aaron kwok standing there swinging his ultimate superior sword at empty air while watching black colored smoke emitted from his wild swing to attack his enemy? No! We want actual battle, actual clashing of swords, actual blood (as if! haha). Not some standstill special effect battle. If we want special effect, we will watch Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. LOL. There was always WAY too much slow mo scene. It would be cool if it was utilize at the right timing, but too much of a good thing will spoil the whole darn thing. So yea, the battle scene was really terrible. There was only a few good solid fighting scene.

So, if you are planning to watch it as just another movie with interesting storyline, then by all means, go ahead. You are planning to watch the movie expecting sum really good fighting scene, i suggest you watch Assassin & Bodyguard instead =)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Picture Post!! WooHooo xD

After what i would say as a tiresome month, finally i can enjoy a good night sleep that is worry free and stress free. So the first thing i did was sleep till the sun was setting. LOL. 12+ hours of good solid sleep (YUM YUM!). And now, i am going to catch up with all the funs i have miss and re-update the geek within me (i have seriously lost touch with the geeky/otaku world for a while)

Hmm.... Kinda forgotten what i have got to say..LOL!!! Whenever its holiday, i can feel my brain degenerating/rotting, not just literally too! =P
But anyway, like i promised, i am gonna post some interesting picture which i took a few weeks back to share with you guys.


Heed my word have been warned...

What you see on the two method which doctors use to extract genes from a guy... The first picture is where they insert the long "device" into a man's penis opening (OUCHHHHH!!!) to directly extract the..erm... "tadpoles" (WAKAKAKA). The latter picture is where they stick a finger into the man's anus to stimulate the prostate in order to conjure an ejaculation. It is a more "friendly" and "less-scary" method to get a man's gene (Not that it would make the guy feel any better =.=")
So guys, if you are considering donating your genes for whatever purpose to a medical facilities... do reconsider ><

Monday, December 14, 2009

Return to the Regular Posting

Finally!! Finally!! FINALLY!!!! Let go through the checklists of what i have to do again;

Attending class and sleeping inside...           [Check]
Annoying the lecturer...                               [Check]
Becoming a slave to assignments...              [Check]
Becoming a clown during presentation...      [Check]
Suffering from heart attack during exam...    [Check]

Oh well, guess i pretty much finished all that need to be done. So now its back to regular days, enjoying freedom and the every little thing that comes with it. Of course, i ll be back into regular posting mode as well. Gonna keep today post shorter since i am feeling a little in the blues after a pretty tough exam just now. Have a bundle to share with you guys and some pictures (YES! AT LAST!) to post (If i can figure out how to xD) tomorrow. Look forward to it =)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wad happen!!!??? And/Or Secret of creating a Good Assignments in a few Hours

In case anyone at all been wondering wad happen to my blog, before anyone of you starts coming up with reasons like im dead or anything, i ll just tell u guys i was pretty busy rushing my assignments. N the endless drone of assignments kinda kill my mood to blog. I mean, i have enough of typing string of words which is pretty much meaningless. LOL! Once again sum1 tell me i need to post pictures on my blog...Point taken =) I do feel like posting pict, but that will only come after i manage to successfully change the cosmetic appearance of my blog, which so far, im no where near completing...

Since im on the topic of assignments, sum1 ask me, how do i keep cranking out creative and interesting reports all the time? Seriously, i never have any idea of what i have typed and submitted. The secret to creating a good assignments report lies within the usage of words. If itz a business assignment reports, just use these words i use ;


There are many more, but these fews are the one that would appear most least it should. You can even combine those words to form really eye-catching phrases such as "cost advantage", "internal outsourcing" or even "operational excellence". In fact, by using multiple combination of those words n phrases, you can crank out a business-like sentence that you can almost use in any report without knowing exactly what it means such as ;

By considering the quantity vs quality factor, the management can decide if their globalization goal in the manufacturing sector should emphasize on cost advantage or revenue intensive for maximum utilization of their production staff.

Hows that?? So i can practically keep producing such business-like sentence that probably have no meaning wat-so-ever endlessly just by repeating those words again n again in every sentence i type in my assignment n in no time at all, i can complete an interesting looking solutions to my case study, even though most of the times, i have no idea what the case is about at all =P

Sunday, November 1, 2009


New Look, Better Content, Same ol-Lameness coming your way =)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quantity VS Quality

As i ve said many many times, dis semester is a really assignments+presentation intensive semester as almost every subject have at least 2 assignments. And i ve notice as i become more and more desperate and rushed to meet each assignment's respective deadline, the quality of the work drop. LOL. Ok, it partially my fault for not being able to put forth full concentration until the date due is near, but you cant blame the fact that i work faster and more efficiently while pressured. But seriously though, trying to accomplish a vast quantity of assignments has really taken a toll on the quality of the production. ZZZZ

At any rate, 2day presentation went on without a glitch, although quite funnily, most of MY group member didnt know that 2day was d presentation day until TODAY!YES! 2 hour before our presentation start and only then do they know we are presenting today. Haha. But no biggies. The lecturer was quite a lenient one. Which explain my "chin-chai"-ness while presenting as well...Sigh...And there is 1 more presentation this thursday and 1 report to hand in this saturday.... What a terrible education system we are having now....T.T

Monday, October 26, 2009

In a Pinch!

DIE DIE DIE!!!! Assignments deadline tomorrow and im still pretty much drawing blank! Well, itz not dat i dunno how to do it...but...oh well....anyway... Dis all for today. Yea. Sorry. =P But i really really gotta rush dat assignments 1st...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

LOL!!! Ooops I Did it Again!

There is a very innocent reason why there was no post yesterday this time around. So innocent that you might chuckle when u read it.... I forgot.... Not forgot as in forgot but forgot as in it sorta slips out of my mind.... Guess it went out along with the tension of the resit yesterday. LOL! The exam went on without a hitch (well, if u wanna be critical [N JUDGMENTAL], there was a few wild guesses along the way but nothing to shout about) I kinda remembered there is sumthing i need to do but havent do so in the night but simply cant recall what it is!

URGHH. But dis time around, i wont be blaming my bad memory. Although it probably did play a major role in yesterday fiasco, but i have way too much thing to think about lately so u knoe, shits just happen something. Hehe. Recently my fren was really crazy over SNSD n their songs n stuff. So i was kinda curious wad sort of group they were. Turns out, it was SPECTACULAR! Not their song though. The group members consists of 9 young and hot and beautiful and (the lists could goes on n on) gal. No wonder guys wag their tail while listening to their mv even though (N dis is a very modest n honest comment from me) they cant really sing. Well, most of the time they seem clueless rather than singing (but do take note i have little music sense) so im not really trying to be judgmental on them. Just that i prefers singers with powerful vocals such as Celine Dion or Whitney Houston. Well, thatz all for today. I ll take more effort to remember to post in the future, if i do remember bout dis effort though =P

Friday, October 23, 2009

The 2nd Encounter

Judgment day around the corner....AGAIN!!! RAWR. My moral paper resit is 2molo n the promised notes have finally arrive just today! I have already decided today that if the notes didnt arrive, i would refuse to take the exam 2molo n later complain to the school. I should still have all the right to complain since the notes arrive at such last minutes but better late than never. Im pretty sure quite many people didnt get the notes since i went to collect it at 1pm but me n my frens was among the first(if not, we MIGHT just be the 1st) to get it. Oh well... Thatz all for today i guess...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not enough time. Too many assignments

Just today, i ve noticed that this semesters, i have been endlessly rushing to meet assignments dateline. This week alone, 2 assignments due. Next week, another 1 assignment gonna due while another assignment gonna start. Just last week, 1 assignments was due. Well, dis semester, the way our lecturer divide up our marks seems different from last time. Last time, we just need to do 1 assignments consisting of 1 report n 1 presentation which would gives a total of 30 marks out of 100. Now, we hv to do ranging from 2-4 assignments per subjects n most of this assignments (actually, ALL of it) consists of 1 written report n 1 presentation. It goes without saying that each assignments carries a lot less marks that they used to but the job burden wasnt decrease at all!!! Sigh... More jobs...Less worth... Wad a joke =(

On another note, im having my moral paper resit dis Saturday and the promised notes from the lecturer WHICH WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO COLLECT LAST WEDNESDAY is still not available for us. Figures as much. Now, im really wandering why would KDU hire such an irresponsible bozo to teach moral studies. Ironic isnt it. The one that really ought to practice more moral value is the one teaching us about it.