Thursday, April 8, 2010

End of the World is Coming! Why bother waiting for 2012?

Do you guys know that the Internet is a really really great place? For few simple reasons, Internet can be consider the greatest human invention ever:

-It contains endless stream of information and what-not for FREE but never EVER in a million years contain the critical thing you need when you need them UNLESS you PAY!
-It has enough gibberish sites (this blog is a really GREAT example) to constantly remind you that this world is made up of crazy people
-It is made possible by having internet connection which is always slowwwwww(if you are staying in Malaysia) to the extent you feel like hanging yourself to death while waiting forever for the site to load [not necessary during your lifetime]

Why do i make this post? Well, its 2am in the morning and yet, im spending many happy hour cursing at my streamyx for being the pathetic connection it is so i feel really really passionate bout blogging this shits to the world!

Now, since im here, the news the other days really made me mad! "Robber shot injured accomplice before fleeing scene of crime" I was like WTF!!!! What is wrong with this world!? If you so EFFING don't trust that guy, why bother going into a robbery with him!? Its is like you cant even trust your best/only friend....

But enough of my "passionate" rambling... Urghh...i think my lack of sleeps since college start is beginning to make me sound like a middle aged uncle and have certainly make me grumpier than usual

Yes! Before i forget, someone ask me exactly who my wife are (which just show this person isn't all that close to me because my close friends would have known better) For the better knowledge of you people who doesnt understand that question, go backtrack my post. In order to make my answer as humanly as possible without making me look like a total loser, i must first clarify that no matter what impression i give to people, im a total otaku/geek! I fall in love with 2D gals all the time. I find pictures of the latest computer/laptop/handphone to be arousing. I watch anime instead of TV drama. I spend more time on my computer than i do on sleeping. Not to say im not interested in reality, just that my life is too much of a drama for me to appreciate the concept of realness, so i find the otaku realm more..."promising". Now that you guys have a good understanding of me, let me reveal my wife.....which just so happen to laptop!! Haha!

I think i have spend enough of my precious youth cursing streamo (streamyx + emo) so im gonna stop here. Well, actually, a friend of mine told me my blog needs more color.... i've been faithfully keeping it black cause someone told me the black backdrop with white font make it easier on the eyes when reading my dull blog... If i ever feel like it, i might try to make it more....colorful =)

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Aileen said...

hmm, since lack of sleep is making u grumpier and all why dont u adopt a better lifestyle?